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Rental Rates:


Band support equipment:


16x RGBW par LED lights on 4 stands.


Speakers per side:

-  2x or 4x Turbosound TLX84 dual 8”, dual 1” Array speakers

-  2x QSC dual 18” subs

Power rack:

-  dbx 260 DriveRack crossover/dsp 

-  4x NX6000 amps


Available on request:

-  Midas MR18 18 channel mixer with iPad remote

-  2x or 4x JBL EON 15” powered PA speakers as monitors 

-  2x or 4x QSC K12/K12.2 powered PA speakers

-  6x SM58 mics + stands

-  3x DI boxes

-  24' Global Truss with crank lifts

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